Featuring current and ex­members of Warped, Palenecks and Surfin’ Poobars, Melbourne’s Swidgen formed in 2008. United under the banner of tasty riffage, large beats and a love of HBO’s ‘Deadwood’, Sammy P Crawford (guitar/vocals), Fred Zerner (bass/moral guidance) and Richie Brown Lee (drums/smelly armpits) began plying their trade in a back shed of Collingwood, with the only goal to write music that all three band members truly enjoyed playing, each song being a logical evolution from the previous and no regard for genre or pigeon­holing….
2009‘s ‘Easy on the Veg’ EP, a rude and raucous affair ­ with Michelle Dilevski artfully capturing the bands’ early songwriting styles ­ was produced and released by the band with the first pressing of cd’s selling out purely through sales at gigs…
2011‘s ‘Earthcake’ shows a band eager to diversify musically and sonically…
In 2013 the band again teamed up with Michelle Dilevski to produce Doghouse, a cohesive capitulation of the 5 years of honing skills in the jamroom and on the sweaty stages of Melbournes multitude of band rooms.
2015 sees the band set to launch a limited edition vinyl pressing of ‘Doghouse’, the bands first video ­ for the song ‘Destructive’ ­ and the third album ‘Super Rock’, this time recorded with Andy Simpson at Salt studios. The latest album promising contain even larger riffage and diverse stylings than the earlier three releases.
Lacking the all too prevalent posing and posturing of too many Melbourne rock shows, a Swidgen show is merely three blokes playing as hard and as loud as they are able and enjoying the shit out of it in the process.
There’s no such thing as a disappointed Swidgen fan. Ever.


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